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My Story

Who would have known 10 years ago that I'd be where I am right now!  As a wife and mom to 4 kids (now ages, 13, 16, 18 & 23), I was busy enough with homeschooling, multiple dance classes for all the kids, Scouts for my boys and coordinating a mother's mentoring ministry at my church for 4 years.  I wear a million hats and I didn't think I had the time or desire to wear one more.  UNTIL the day I decided to try Scentsy...

I had a friend I'd met online who started selling Scentsy.  I requested a catalog and some samples since it was a 10% off month (August 2009).  When I got my package, the first thing I did was smell those *amazing* scents!  Even mixed together - I couldn't believe how incredible they were and how STRONG!  The scent coming from these tiny little Q-tip testers was so concentrated!  My husband and I both love yummy, strong smells so I was excited to try them.

As I flipped through the catalog, I saw the Scentsy opportunity.  That sparked a thought and I started to wonder if it was worth it to join and give it a try.  It was ONLY $99 to start and I figured if nothing else, I'd get a warmer and a TON of scents to try! I told my husband what I was thinking after he smelled the samples and he said exactly what I was thinking.  We did the math and realized I only needed to sell $500 to get my $99 back! That seemed totally doable! It became very clear to me that it would be crazy NOT to join!  Like any parent who loves their kids, I didn't want my daughter to have to sacrifice her dance dreams because we couldn't afford the things she needed to realize them.  

I joined Scentsy August 12, 2009, just a couple of days after getting the catalog and samples from my friend!  It was one of the BEST decisions I've made! It is SO exciting to see others succeeding and this business changing their lives for the better. It's an exciting journey when you have such incredible people to work with and it's amazing how quickly you can grow your business if you have the determination to succeed, the willpower to keep at it, and people who love the product and are as excited about the opportunity as you are.  Now that Scentsy is open in Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Poland, Australia, Mexico, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, and for sales only in Italy, Luxembourg, and Poland, it is thrilling to know how many more people will be changed because of Scentsy's generosity and the amazing products they offer.  People are growing their businesses there, too, and I love to see that!

As of Spring 2015, there are approximately 90,239 current and active Scentsy Consultants in the U.S. & 20,670 Scentsy Consultants in other Countries. When the world population boasts over 7 BILLION people and well over 315 MILLION of them reside in the United States…90,000 people is a tiny number. This would mean you would have roughly 3,491 customers for every SINGLE, ACTIVE, WORKING Consultant.  WOW!!  Believe me when I say we are FAR from SATURATED even in 2019!!!!  I literally run into people all the time who have never heard of our products and Scentsy is 15 years old July 2019. If anything, we desperately NEED more Consultants to help take care of all the Scentsy customers out there who are looking for local reps. I would be thrilled to have you on my team no matter what state you are in. I have people all over the U.S. and even had a consultant in Australia! Fragrance and the Scentsy Family knows no boundaries!! 

I'm so grateful to God for this chance and I do not take it for granted.  In a world where there is so much sadness, loss, grief, and pain, Scentsy products can bring happiness, solitude, peace, comfort, joy, and BLESSINGS. Some of our scents can remind us of sweet memories, times long passed that we had forgotten about...or people we dearly miss. What a treasure! This business has blessed my heart and my family and I only wish I had known about it to do it sooner.  Scentsy has changed my life, the lives of those around me and those I don't even know, for the better. It's an awesome feeling to know that I'm a part of something bigger and that this is just the beginning of the opportunities that lie ahead. 

My options are endless, my happiness abounds, my cup runneth over and my heart is very, VERY full! 

I would love to have a conversation with you and see what Scentsy might be able to do for you in your life - wherever you are at right now.  Maybe it will pay some bills...maybe it will give you something fun to do...maybe it is something you want to build and grow long term so you have a foundation to stand on in the future with a business you can will to your children and grandchildren.  Whatever it is and wherever you are headed, I would be honored to talk with you.

If you aren't ready for a conversation but would love some information, please just click the CONTACT US link at the bottom left of this page and fill out the information. I would be happy to put a Possibility Packet in the mail to you with NO strings attached. If you have more questions and would like to talk - you can let me know. I won't contact you without a request from you to do so and regardless of what level your interest may be at - I won't push or insist that you join. In fact, if I feel like this is NOT the right business or time for you, or if I feel we aren't a good fit as a team, I will be honest and tell you. Sometimes I can see that what someone needs personally or in business is not what I can offer them. If I know someone that I think can offer them that, I will refer them to that person. It's important to me that you do what makes you happy with someone who can offer their best to you. There are times when I realize that won't be me. I'm not in this to sign up every last person I can but to build a team of people I can work closely with, bring out the best in them, hopefully, help them become successful, and reach their dreams. If that appeals to you, contact me and we can chat!

I see so many possibilities ahead. I can't wait to see what road I'm going down next!  Wherever it leads - I know it will be somewhere wonderful!!  I hope you'll join me!

~ * Jeannie *~

Cell/Text: 317.250.6183
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My Scentsy Journey: Awards, Trips and Promotions

September: Promoted to LEAD CONSULTANT!
                      (top level - only 2% of Consultants earn this)
November: Promoted to SUPERSTAR CONSULTANT!

July: Scentsy County Fair Winner (I was one of thirty-one total
          winners in over 14,000 entries for mixing various Scentsy
         bars to create a new fragrance)
July: Denver,Colorado - Scentsy Convention INTENSITY
September: Promoted to DIRECTOR

January: Bahamas Cruise - Scentsy Leadership Retreat
July: Warmin’ Up the Summer Consultant Incentive - Top Level
July: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas - Scentsy Family Reunion
October: Meridian, Idaho - Director Boot Camp
November: Promoted to STAR DIRECTOR!

February: Spring Sprint
June: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Trip Earner
July: Summer Success Incentive Earner - $500 Product Credit
July: Las Vegas, Nevada - Scentsy Family Reunion LIGHT IT UP

February: Cincinnati, Ohio - Spring Sprint
February: Chicago, Illinois - Spring Sprint
July: Indianapolis, Indiana - Scentsy Family Reunion DRIVE!
       (Earned trip for FREE!)

January: Cancun, Mexico - Scentsy Leadership Retreat (Earned trip
for FREE!)
February: Lexington, Kentucky - Scentsy Spring Sprint
July: St. Louis, Missouri - Scentsy Family Reunion
September: Meridian, Idaho - Velata Convention

February: Indianapolis, Indiana - Scentsy World Tour
July: Las Vegas, Nevada - Scentsy Family Reunion LIVE

February: Indianapolis, Indiana - Scentsy World Tour and Expo
Presenter on Party Games
July: Nashville, Tennessee - Scentsy Family Reunion
July: Nashville, Tennessee - Scentsy University: Leadership for
        the Future with Vanderbilt University Professors
September: Meridian, Idaho - Star Director Summit Approach
                    Leadership Training

February: Indianapolis, Indiana - Scentsy World Premiere
September: Meridian, Idaho - Star Director Summit Approach
                    Leadership Training

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